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Integrity Provides a variety of products allowing you to choose a package to specifically address YOUR needs.

What is Filtering?

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Blocks Adult Content

Integrity's internet content filter protects individuals, families, businesses, churches and other organizations from inappropriate adult content.

Blocks Spam

Integrity's spam filter blocks 99% of unsolicited emails from ever reaching your computer, saving you time and protecting your computer from email-borne viruses.

24/7 LIVE Support

Integrity's team of highly qualified technical support technicians is on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you.

Hands Free Setup

Integrity's Hands Free filters have no software to install, nothing to configure or set up, and automatically begin filtering your content as soon as they are installed.


Integrity's services filter your email and content at the source of your internet connection, and cannot be bypassed or deactivated by anyone but the authorized account holder.

Hardware Solution

Integrity offers hardware based filtering solutions, which provide a more secure filtering option.

Platform Independent

Integrity's email and content filters work on any operating system, with any browser.

Filtering is the process of allowing or blocking online content based on the analysis of web and email data. Each filtering solution offered by Integrity Online employs a combination of different technologies to achieve the desired result - a safe, worry free internet experience.

Email Filtering

Integrity Online uses a combination of methods to filter email messages. Our blacklists automatically block known malicious senders before they can reach your inbox. All messages that pass our blacklist checks are scanned for viruses and inappropriate content. Each email message is then filtered through your individual spam settings before being delivered to your inbox.

Internet Content Filtering

Integrity Online currently supports proxy, software, connection and hardware filter options to meet each user's specific need. Our centralized database of known inappropriate websites, keywords and IP addresses is updated in real time to protect you from offensive material. In addition, Integrity Online's content review specialists continually review individually submitted requests to update and improve our custom database.


Integrity Online can host your domain's website and / or email on servers located in our managed colocation facility. Our facility is manned and monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We have custom built servers that run Unix operating systems and a number of user software packages, including a customer user interface that allows you to maintain your files, databases, emails and users easily. We can even register your domain for you.